“And the Fanatic Goes to….”

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time again.  As we prepare to conclude the 2012 Summer Olympics, it’s time to reflect on these two weeks and bestow more honor on some of those who participated in these games.

There’s no red carpet pre-awards show, so let’s just get right to the awards.  I’ve got a closing ceremony to go watch!

Olympian with the best celebrity doppelgänger:

Alexander Vinokourov, Cycling: Could be a brother for Conan O’Brien!

Perhaps Vinokourov isn’t Ukrainian, or O’Brien isn’t Irish?!

Best Opening Ceremony Uniform:

Netherlands, who just barely beat out Belize for the best costume.  The v-neck sweaters with accompanying orange and blue was a bright and cheerful splash  of color to the fairly predictable array of costume, while remaining loyal to country colors.

Worst Exhibit of Sportsmanship:

Julie Jacobson/Associated Press Images

McKayla Maroney, who was none to happy with a silver medal, and was none too shy about displaying her dissatisfaction.

Best Sportsmanship:

Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images

Grenada’s Kirani James not only won a gold medal, but won my vote for best sportsman, as he not only congratulated his fellow winners, but found it important to swap bibs with fellow competitor Oscar Pistorius.

Best Venue:

Eton Dorney, Venue for Rowing Canoe/Kayak Sprint

Best Come-From-Behind Victory:

Photo: Rob Schumacher, USA TODAY Sports

It’s one thing to come from behind and win.  It’s another thing to almost miss making the cut for the semi-finals, only doing fair in those rounds, and then storming back in the finals.  That’s just what David Boudia did in the men’s 10-Meter Platform, making him yet another American diver in the history books along with the late Mark Lenzi, and Greg Louganis.

Most Inspirational Athlete:

Photo: Associated Press

Oscar Pistorius, South African Runner

Most Exciting Win:

Three-Way Tie Between Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford, and Mo Farah

Best Fans:

Whether in the velodrome, at Greenwich park, along the Box Hill route, or inside Olympic Stadium, Great Britain can definitely be dubbed “Our Greatest Fans,” as they made the Olympics all the more enjoyable, showing true patriotism and loyalty.  Thank you, Great Britain!

Faster, Higher, Stronger.



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4 responses to ““And the Fanatic Goes to….”

  1. Great idea, O-Fanatic! Let’s see some more posts like this!

  2. Joey

    Love your posts! BTW, I ended up not having time to be interviewed by BBC. I had at least 1 event each day and was completely exhausted! I have no idea how you had the time and energy to write this blog AND go to events the past two weeks! Kudos to you! :o) If I do go to RIo, I’ll definitely limit myself to 1 event every other day. Regardless, I had a magical time and am so glad I went to London! :o)

  3. Worst sportsmanship runner-up (or worse, actually, I think): The great and exalted “LEGEND” (say again and again, please!), Usein Bolt. It’s just no fun to see someone win and rub everyone’s face in it over and over and over…

  4. I agree with sleehauser. Usein Bolt is an embarrassment to his country and the Olympics.

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